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Thu Jul 20 11:27:06 EDT 2000

>> "the crew were"
>Isn't that correct? I always thought that "crew" was a collective
>noun that could take a plural verb when the context called for it.
>That is, when not the crew as a whole is meant ("the crew was flown
>to London") but as a group of people ("the crew were packing their

That's what I mean ... "the crew were" is something they may or may not be
correct, but which will sound incorrect to half of the people half of the
time. "If I were you" is no problem, but some of the other was/weres do
bother people. And the "they" for "one child" example is accepted in some
places now... though I, being a stick in the mud, don't use it.

And, I'm sorry about the name, Irina... I did know really, but was careless
rather than evilly intentioned.

BTW, what is dutch pipe weed? I looked it up on the 'net and couldn't find
anything. Even my daughter, who usually knows these things, hadn't heard of
it. She thought it might be some kind of marijuana (can't spell that) but I
think that's just because of the "weed" bit. It did lead to an interesting
discussion though - some substances are legal in some countries and illegal
in others, so what happens, she wants to know,  if someone smokes something
in a legal country then nips across the border and gets blood-tested? I'm
inclined to think s/he would still be in trouble. We then looked up legal
alcohol drinking ages and discovered a range from 14 (France) to 21 (USA).
It's 18 here.

Speaking of which - technically it's illegal to keep a grey pet rabbit in

Sallyo (make that Sillyo).

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