cacti and cwidders

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Jul 20 08:20:24 EDT 2000

+  + Has anyone else ever been in trouble for reading during foreplay? 
+ But snuggling together and both reading is very companionable. It can
+ develop into something more, although the books usually get put down at some
+ point...

Snuggling and reading is NOT foreplay. I hope not, anyway, or I've been
arousing far too many friends for comfort. And am desperately over-sexed!
If it becomes what I would recognise as foreplay (and spooning doesn't count 
as that in my book), the books become slightly impractical. 

I don't read in the shower, and never read library or borrowed books in
the bath. Several of my own books are a bit damply larger than they were...


Oh, yes, and my corn-snake siblings are called Mordion and Kessalta. K is 
doing just fine, and I have no intention of breeding them to each other.

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