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Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at madison.k12.wi.us
Wed Jul 19 22:00:26 EDT 2000

>It wasn't until the recent discussion of "Tale of Time City" that
>I remembered one of my early notions about DWJ's books.  Is it just
>me or does she have a tendency to place a lot of characters with
>variations of the name "Leonard" in her books?  I seem to recall
>"lee"s, "leons", "leos", "leonards", etc. as a running name throughout
>a large number of titles.
I believe so.  The one that comes to mind is the one in Sudden Wild Magic
(Gladys' deceased husband).  I believe there was also one in Hexwood,
though my copy's downstairs and i don't feel like checking.  I can't think
of any others though, but I only checked the books I have which is about

Rebecca D.  Ganetzky

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