cacti and cwidders

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Wed Jul 19 19:59:01 EDT 2000


+ to the point, I've added various other obsessions and habits over 
+ the years -- do you realise some cacti are nearly as exciting as 
+ books --  

Do you combine the intoxicants and the cactus cultivation? There are
two completely fascinating nurseries in Lincolnshire - Smithfield Nurseries
which is more conventional and Glenhirst Cactus Nurseries which does all kinds
of exotic succulents, including peyote.

+ Has anyone else ever been in trouble for reading during foreplay? 

During? Reading in bed, certainly, but no, no, not during physical interaction.

+ So, having established some credentials here comes my wisdom 
+ on drugs -- they don't offer an escape from reality. What happens, 
+ what one feels in altered states of consciousness, is just as real 
+ as anything else. 

Er, I dunno. Sometimes the semi-profundity of off-your-face pronouncements
are just silly. Certainly while under the influence of good cookies, I have
had solid sessions of pure unprofound giggling.

And the "standing on the table" quotation actually happened - I didn't say it.

There's a germ of truth, though, in that people who are interesting remain
interesting whilst ingesting substances, and people who are dull acquire no
gloss from drug-fuelled energy or insight.

+  As for books, however imaginary the world, I find 
+ I need some connection to what is real and true, if only in the 
+ emotional sense. 

_Cart and Cwidder_ emphasises the importance of having an idea in a song or
dream, and the importance of saying "This is True" in a considered way.

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