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Tanaqui said
> My male sweetie runs a website about MMS, which the author himself finds
> rather too comprehensive (MMS was a bit surprised to find pictures of his
> cats that he hadn't actually seen before they appeared on the site).
The cats are lovely. the website's not bad either.

This reminds me I've seen the great pics of Melissa and Jacob's 
kids too now. When everyone was discussing literary baby names I 
thought we might talk cat names too. 

I've had a Pushkin (ginger and white fluffy tom). Kish, a Sumerian 
city (black and white) Cirocco, Pushkin's tortie and white daughter, 
called after Cirocco Jones, John Varley's eponymous Wizard. Like 
her namesake she was known as Rocky but ended up as 
Roxiecat. Then there was Halo, a rather strange rescue cat, his 
surname was Jones too, from the Judge Dread character. He 
preferred MR H. 

My current three are Alex, from Alexander the Great, Vespa, from 
Vespasian, as well as the wasp and the scooter (very nippy kitten) 
and his sister Camberwell Beauty, a rare British butterfly, known 
as Camberwell or -belle.

A lot of my names are historical rather than literay. The car 
connection is accidental. The Scirocco is a British car, Cirocco the 
cat's mother was Clio, which became a car. Then I had a lodger 
with a dog called Skoda, a risible car at the time, he was the 
slowest pup in the litter apparently. Vespa I did on purpose.   

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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