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Wed Jul 19 18:36:00 EDT 2000

Well, I think we're all agreed that escapism is a very fine thing but I 
find getting involved in this thread a little difficult. Its easy to say 
one is clean living but to admit the other causes certain difficulties!
So I'll just say that I love getting off my head but I don't let anything 
get in the way of my reading................   

Mind you I can get holier than anyone when it comes to tea (don't 
like it , pah!), coffee (gives me migraines but smells divine) and 
alcohol (I have the medical symptom  "aversion to alcohol" so the 
more ill I'm feeeling the less I want to drink). And I don't touch the 
bad addictive stuff either -- except for tobacco (sigh).

I often say reading was my first addiction (in my delurking post 
probably). It might not be a literal addiction but I truly think I could 
not give it up, faced with the choice books or chocolate, or tobacco 
or my house even I'd choose the books. I guess the cats and other 
loved ones come out ahead however -- just. Also I have to confess, 
when I find a book I really want, especially one I wasn't expecting I 
get a sort of thrill in the pit of my stomach........... The idea of the 
Desert Island Discs choice -- one book apart from the Bible and 
Shakespeare is appalling. This topic does inspire ramblings, back 
to the point, I've added various other obsessions and habits over 
the years -- do you realise some cacti are nearly as exciting as 
books --  and I like to combine them. So you'll find me reading in 
the garden, next to the cacti in their greenhouse, maybe eating 
something nice, certainly having a good smoke, cats not far away. 
Has anyone else ever been in trouble for reading during foreplay? 
No? well  we did divorce...........  At any rate I don't think reading 
does exclude the ingesting of noxious and naughty substances. 
Most people I know do at least a bit of both.  

So, having established some credentials here comes my wisdom 
on drugs -- they don't offer an escape from reality. What happens, 
what one feels in altered states of consciousness, is just as real 
as anything else. This is reality nor are we out of it. (Misquoting 
Marlowe's Faust). As for books, however imaginary the world, I find 
I need some connection to what is real and true, if only in the 
emotional sense. Of course this does all rather depend on what we 
mean by real but my brain is starting to hurt so this is enough for 

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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