Square peg (was: Philosophical rambling)

Tony Fox tonyfox at beeb.net
Wed Jul 19 17:57:41 EDT 2000

> mates in their teens - based on my own experiences of being the teen you
> have when you're not having a teen.
> Which brought to mind an e-mail I had from a 15 y-o correspondent. She
> reads
> and writes fantasy, and is hanging grimly on at school, feeling like an
> alien. She usually just talks books and writing with me she's writing a
> novel for someone's birthday) but today she told me about her "problem"
> which is, basically, that she doesn't fit in with anyone. She's with
> them,
> but not of them etc.
> - surely a lot of DWJ's heroes fit that mould?

I cheerfully admit that I hid very successfully inside a book for much of my
early teenage years. I did not fit - fortunately I have now found others who
don't fit either!

I also have to admit that I am now a bookaholic. If I have any time to spare
(even waiting for the kettle to boil) I  cannot bear not to have something
to read. In a recent article Sue Townsend (of Adrian Mole fame) said she
even read the back of cereal packets rather than not read something. I knew
EXACTLY what she meant!

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