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(With every paragraph in one single line. Kindly use the Enter key
every 70 keystrokes or so if your software can't learn to do so by
itself; makes it a lot easier to read. Not all of us use Windows.)

> Most of you will erase this; I don't blame you.  I don't mind, only
> do yourself a favor and read Donne. He is incredible.

I know. There were some metaphysical poems in our high-school English
literature book, and I was hooked and bought the Penguin Classic "The
Metaphysical Poets". That was at fifteen or sixteen, and I've never
looked back.

[Marvell and Herrick]

Donne is perhaps more - ah - can't think of the word; there should be
a single word that means "ethereal and earthly at the same time".
More balanced, in any case.

> I can tell you anything you want
> to know about either Mary Baker Eddy and Mark Twain or the role of
> the Mother in Early American Women's Religons, esp. Shakerism.

Eek. Do you mind if I don't want to know?

> If anyone's actually made it this far, well, I'm impressed.
> Thinking about it now, I've come to the conclusion that I didn't
> write this so that people could read it so much as I did so that I
> could stop feeling guilty.

But it was entertaining to read, and it inspired me to take either
the complete poems of Donne or the Metaphysical Poets anthology with
me on holiday :-)


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