Time City

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Wed Jul 19 11:35:04 EDT 2000

< For me there is a great richness to ToTC, but I seem
> to be thoroughly in the minority concerning it.  Could you tell me
> why you don't like it as much? >>

It just doesn't ever quite come together for me. The pieces don't fit 
together properly. (Unlike Hexwood, where they all do.) You get the distinct 
feeling that there is much more to Hexwood that we never know about, but Time 
City deliberately exists in semi-isolation and it just doesn't sit right. The 
characters all work, as does the story's tension, but the explanations of how 
the world operates are somehow unconvincing. I do not consider this up to 
Jones's usual standard in worldbuilding at all.

I also suspect that the difference in how this book strikes us may have 
something to do with the ages at which we first read it. IIRC, this one came 
out in the late '80s, didn't it? By that time I would have been solidly into 
my 40s, and time travel was by no means a fresh concept. Nor was the idea of 
a place that existed outside the time stream. I do not dislike the book. I 
just don't think it is up to DWJ's usual standard. 

(And, fwiw, to me, Elio reads as a first draft for Yam.)
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