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+ There's also a bit of (not sure exactly what the precise phrase is) anti-fat
+ person sentiment.  You'll notice that Dudley is primarily described by his
+ greediness, which shows as fat.  Harry, on the other hand, is said to be
+ skinny, despite the fact that he, too, loads up on candies and cakes at
+ every oppurtunity.  

Given that Harry is starved by his relatives, and stuffs himself with wizardly
sugar-based stuff, he's probably got some sort of world-division bulimic eating
disorder, where Hogwarts=binge versus Home=purge. Harry always shares his 
bounty with his pals.  Perhaps wizard-sugar is enchanted with karmic properties,
or perhaps a simple "supply only as much energy as needed" charm. 

Crabbe and Goyle are just big lumps of oppression, not fatties. Outcrops of 
bone and muscle, especially inside their heads, apparently. Dudley's excess 
isn't limited to obesity: he's also described as the worst bully in a hideous
public school that institutes sticks as part of school uniform. Mind you, his
obesity is directly linked to his huge appetite: he's not just a mesomorph type.

Black-and-White vision.

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