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Wed Jul 19 05:57:43 EDT 2000

 jessie wrote:
>Jennifer Rowland writes:
>> A book I ordered finally got here today- Diane Duane's The Door Into
>> Fire- I found the 3rd book of the trilogy ages ago and have since been
>> frantically trying to find the others. I opened the parcel and all I
>> can say is it's a good thing I already know it's going to be good. The
>> cover is a man in armour holding a glowing sword above his head with a
>> naked woman draped at his feet, and all the blurb conforms to that.
>> Bleuurgh. I may have to make it a jacket.

><snerf> oh my.  My copy has a fairly dumb looking man on a fairly stolid
>looking horse, but it's nothing that bad.  That sounds like one of the
>Star Wars posters.  *Who* is the naked woman?  It would be much more
>appropriate to have a naked man...

Yes, that puzzles me somewhat. I think this is the original 1979 paperback
and all fantasy was supposed to be about men and their big swords getting
the girls, so the fact that this is totally different didn't impinge on the
"art". Actually I suppose the artist was just given a synopsis of the book,
saw "man makes magical sword" and did the cover from that.

>I very much like this series.  Did you know that she has finally
>finished Door into Starlight, and it's coming out next summer from Meisha
>Excitement runs rampant.  To be absolutely honest I'm a little nervous
>about it, since her series tend to go downhill rather than uphill, and
>after Door into Sunset it's a little difficult for me to imagine where
>she's going with the story; but she has spent a lot of time and care on
>it, so I'm hopeful.
>I have a copy of Door into Shadow (#2) going begging.  Would you like

Thank you *very* much, but I ordered both at the same time- Shadow arrived
about a week before Fire. Now I have to wait till my birthday to read them.
Thrilled about Starlight- I'd been wondering if that was ever going to show
up! There's an extract from it somewhere, maybe on a Duane webpage, where
Freelorn is showing Herewiss? around the royal archive, (saying that the
most important thing the kings of Arlen do is librarianship!) and the "feel"
of the writing is still great, so I'll enjoy it even if the plot manages to
be disappointing.

I've been trying to think of who I'd advertise for, but heroes lead such
exciting lives. 
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