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Tue Jul 18 19:47:43 EDT 2000

> Hi!
> I recently read a personal ad which went like "Looking for Sirius
> Black. Your owl will reach me at ...". Apart from the fact that I
> hadn't read the Prisoner of Azkaban by then and was at a loss who was
> meant by that name (and that I was angry while reading it that I knew he
> couldn't be as bad; it wasn't THAT kind of newspaper ;), after reading
> the ad I wondered why that woman had chosen Black as a model for her
> future partner. I mean, the first thing you think of is that he was in
> prison for 12 years and suspected of being a traitor - even though he
> was innocent, I wouldn't want someone like that! If it had to be a HP
> character, I'd rather choose Dumbledore or Rebus Lupin (gotta love a
> man who's under a curse every 4 weeks ;], or Faramir or Drizzt Do'Urden
> (maybe) or Hiro Protagonist (yay! real good-looking, that one), or Mr.
> Darcy if you're into the tall dark ones(I think he's tall and dark a
> little lik e Colin Firth ;) or Dalamar if you do have a turn for the bad
> guys... (or, if I was a guy, Alanna Moonblade and Eowyn come to mind...)
> I guess this is quite an obvious question, but who would you put in a
> personal ad like that one (apart from thinking them delectable;) ?

I think I might go for Hagrid. . . .

> P.S.: and I didn't name any dwj characters because I can't remember any
> of the heroes well enough, and Nick in "Deep Secret" isn't my type...
> ok, I'll stop whining about not having gotten my ordered books yet ;)

Definately, definately Howl.  Always had a thing for him. . . .  And I
rather liked Nick, too, or at least I think I would if he was a bit older.
Chrestomanci, maybe.  Or Mordecai from LoCC; I always liked the way he
treated Christopher.  And I will agree with someone else who replied to
this:  Jean-Luc Picard.  I have had a crush on Patrick Stewart forever, and
I'm notoriously fickle.


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