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Orthe is a world rendered through empathic viewpoint.
I don't think the envoy was much good at rule-sets for games. It took her 
a while to suss the gendering issue, and the importance of swords.
So, empathic rendering gives us the culture, but not the game of ochmir...  

My big question is - Where do all those harur blades originate? The Golden used 
biotech big-time. The Southlanders are farmers dedicated to the sacred value of
land, which is rigorously assigned to the telestres. Where would metal be
acquired? Is it possible to foray over the Wall of the World and find ore in
the Barrens? Are all the swords produced from the Golden's metalmesh robes??

I think the military analogies in chess are definitely subservient to the
game. What are knights, and does any military unit actually move in a fixed
L shape? I find chess dull, partly because there is no chance and I'm awful
at planning the choreography for move-sequences.
+ > P.S. I had to be cornered and made to read Michael Marshall Smith's first
+ >      novel, _Only Forward_. It was, of course, fantastic.
+ Who???

My male sweetie runs a website about MMS, which the author himself finds
rather too comprehensive (MMS was a bit surprised to find pictures of his
cats that he hadn't actually seen before they appeared on the site).

Obviously, I am also good at this book-foisting lark.

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