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Alex wrote:
>might have been good for me! Reading is still my most pleasureable
>occupation and on days like today where I'm off work, I'll read 3 books,
>often of dubious quality. I usually have a couple of critically acclaimed
>books on the go each week but I also have phases on various genres of
>book. Lately it's been lesbian/feminist detectives because I like the
>feisty heroines and wish that I could be so heroic myself.

I read a series by a Catalan writer in a Spanish class that I would
recommend.  They're all available in English: _Study in Lilac_,
_Anitpodes_, and _Blue Roses for a Dead lady_. Very good, and full of
those'wish i were that heroic" moments.  Not exactly in he same line, but
equally good, are Mabel Maney's parodies of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys,
in which Nancy Drew dates Cherry Ames. Hysterically funny. Ever
read these? The three in the series are _The case of the Good for Nothing
Girlfriend_, _the Case of the Not so Nice Nurse_, and _The Ghost in the
Closet_, which is he best in the series because it mocks not only the bad
writing of the series in general (and I say that with affection,
because I loved those books) but also the anti-Russia hysteria
in the US during the 50s.

And re the "can one read too much" thread, it made me think of _Don
Quixote_, which is all about the effects of reading too much:
"...por leer tanto, y de dormir tan poco, se le seco el cerebro y perdio
el juicio." (Book I, somehwere near the beginning)
"From reading too much, and sleeping too little, his brain dried up on him
and he lost his judgment.' Of course, that only applies if you think
Quixote really was crazy :)


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel have read only the first

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