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Tue Jul 18 14:17:45 EDT 2000

>I once had a tedious paramour who insisted that I should not read, but
>instead listen to him discourse on SALT-II*, which he was Studying by
>listening to radio news reports. After a few days I was zombily picking up
>album covers to read, sticking to the text on scouring powder canisters,
>so on.

:-)  This tedious paramour (love that description!) will have to be added
to the Awful Boyfriend collection.  Can't you just imagine Seb doing
something like that?  Not on SALT-II, but...

Seb would believe in preparedness and hand outs:

This week's schedule:
Tonight - Disquisition on My Greatness
Tomorrow - Exposition of My Brilliance
Thursday - The Necessity of Pleasing Me
Friday -  New Directions: All Roads Lead to Adulation
Saturday - Seminar in Me Appreciation, with journalizing and fawning
meditation (brown bag luncheon, sodas not included) 

There is no point to this - Hallie just inspired me to silliness.

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