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Alex wrote:
"That brings me back to
Polly, my favourite of all DWJ's heroines; when I was a little girl, my
reading like Polly's made me long for magical adventure and a chance to
prove myself. I like the way Polly develops and stops following Nina around
until she has to prove herself in the most dangerous and humiliating

Oh yes!  I've never thought so much about that.  I'm glad you brought that

"Someone said that they had had a phase on reading Regency romances and I
a phase like that too. Now I look back and think how despicable those male
marquises and dukes were. They undoubtedly beat their oh so innocent and
youthful brides after they got married."

I lent my boyfriend Georgette Heyer's "Devil's Cub" some months ago and he
was absolutely flabbergasted.  He said, "This guy is a sociopath!  Are all
romance books like this??"  His idea of what the genre was like was quite,
quite other.  Heyer had such a way of making the most appalling
personalities amusing, sympathetic and entertaining.

Also yearned for magical adventure
and I might still, although my working definition may have changed
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