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Philip asked:

"Or to look at it another way, to what sort of device, other than a
pulley/windlass (or a blower), is Donne justified in attaching the word

If you flip it about and think of the honest mind as a sail boat - and so
the device built to catch a wind, that is how I read it.  From my sailing of
sun fish days at camp, I recall how annoying it is to sit in irons while you
see other boats clipping along with fresh breeze in their sails.

Not that this excludes other meanings and shades of allusion, since
inclusiveness of meaning and evocation of meaning possibilities is important
in poetry. Poets can & do pick words for a primary meaning - and secondary,
tertiary and corollary meanings as well.

Wynds are twisty little streets, aren't they?

> Obviously, submarines exist in Ingary. Duh. ;)

":-) Duh to you too!  The technology available to the inghabitants of
(which seems to be more than just a fishing village, especially if the name
significant) doesn't seem to me capable of producing submersible craft.  The
royal wizards might manage it, but their art is hardly familiar to most of
populace.  So it was actually a serious question."

Submarines might well be fantastic fiction in Ingary, who is to say?  Sophy
and Neil are so awash in possible interpretations by that point, I thought
they would be nonplussed by anything.

"Philip  (Who has just noticed that he typed "inghabitants" in the last
paragraph, but thinks that is so ingarian that he doesn't want to change



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