Philosophical Rambling: Escapism

Britta Koch bkoch at
Tue Jul 18 09:57:44 EDT 2000

On 17 Jul, Tanaqui wrote:
> + self-righteous about not doing any drugs, not even alcohol, 
> which is fair enough. Do you exercise to the point of endorphin rush?
> Do you eat chocolate, or drink coffee/tea? Do you suffer from Seasonal
> Affective Disorder (in which case, light can be a drug)?

OK, I do love chocolate, but try not too eat too much of it (for weight
reasons, not addiction ones ;). I'm a bit too lazy for sports except
swimming, and I'm probably not addicted - else I could eat more
chocolate ;). I do drink tea every morning, but only because I'm nearly
as bad as Nick in "Deep Secret" - that scene made me laugh out loud,
which prved to me how very good dwj is - I seldom laugh out loud while
> Books are compulsive and often broaden one's horizons with new possibilities.
> Given that they have no measurable clinical effect, though, I'd say "addiction"
> is a sloppy term. 

Yes, I meant something like you can psychologically addicted to books,
but fortunately cannot get physically addicted, as will happen with

> And in describing a book, you're unlikely to be quite as
> silly as a drug-visionary trying to convey the import of a chemical vision
> ("Man, if you stand on the table, you can, like, *touch the ceiling*").


I'm just wondering: is it a human trait, to want to escape from
reality? Since nearly everyone does it one way or another...

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