Reading to excess

Alex alex.mb at
Tue Jul 18 09:38:15 EDT 2000

This is rambling and I apologise, I've been lurking recently I'm afarid.

I saw that Newsround too and thought the little boy was brilliant. I hate
the rampant commercialism of the promotion, however, and I did wonder
whether the children there were disappointed by the reality of J K Rowling.
Surely their imaginations made her into someone quite different?

Re the drinking/drugs/reading discussion. I think I'm quite unlike the rest
of you as I do drink a fair bit, probably more than is good for me though
I've nver smoked (probably because all my family did when I was young). I
also think I had an unhealthy obsession with reading when I was a child and
that meant I read ANYTHING at all. On a Saturday moring, I used to get 8
books out of the library which I finished by Sunday and this meant I missed
out on some (but by no means all) of the normal running about stuff that
might have been good for me! Reading is still my most pleasureable
occupation and on days like today where I'm off work, I'll read 3 books,
often of dubious quality. I usually have a couple of critically acclaimed
books on the go each week but I also have phases on various genres of book.
Lately it's been lesbian/feminist detectives because I like the feisty
heroines and wish that I could be so heroic myself. That brings me back to
Polly, my favourite of all DWJ's heroines; when I was a little girl, my
reading like Polly's made me long for magical adventure and a chance to
prove myself. I like the way Polly develops and stops following Nina around
until she has to prove herself in the most dangerous and humiliating

Someone said that they had had a phase on reading Regency romances and I had
a phase like that too. Now I look back and think how despicable those male
marquises and dukes were. They undoubtedly beat their oh so innocent and
youthful brides after they got married. I think DWJ might have turned such
characters into people like Earl Hadd. Now I'm a mature 35 year old and am
married to a Thomas Lynn sort of character, I like to think I've left the
saturnine hero behoind me.


Jennifer, did you see the 10-minute Newsround special on Harry Potter on
Friday? Most of it was terribly depressing (3 kids with lightning scars on
a Platform 9.75 wondering who the other Voldemort-scarred ones were,
re-enacted as a ground sport notably deprived of Bludgers and with a fairy-
winged kid toting goalposts). The good bit was a small Northern boy who
gleefully recounted how he'd managed 3 chapters without his parents'
last night, and they hadn't even noticed.

The absolute book-love on his features and the arch sidelong glance from
camera to his father - fantastic.

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