Wined vs Winned

Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Jul 18 05:32:22 EDT 2000

+ What, of the meanings one associates with the tetragrammaton "wind", is the 
+ one Donne is using here?

As many of them as he possibly can: that'd be Donne.

+ Not that I think Donne necessarily needs that justification.  But Tanaqui 
+ does, to be able to assert that it is "definitely" a device.

Nah; Donne's definitely dead, and won't be able to dismiss my interpretation
until the angels have complied with his demands in the _Sermons_ and
re-assembled his physical form from its scattered particles.

+ That is closer, I must admit - a metaphor.  Translate it as "by what twist 
+ might an honest mind be advanced" and I begin to understand you.

And a "twist" isn't a "wined"-device?

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