Philosophical Rambling: Escapism

Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Jul 18 05:27:15 EDT 2000

+ My addictions (apart from books) are chocolate

 - this isn't a drug?

+ My mother used to give me a half (or even a whole) adult aspirin tablet to 
+ keep me quiet.  Result - I lay there, drugged almost out of my mind, 
+ but still feeling awful.  And I've never wanted to get intoxicated again.

"Grandma sits in the grate with a gin/ & [Philip] is dosed with an aspirin"?
OK, OK, it should be Timothy from _Timothy Winters_.

I can't quite understand Philip's question about "wind" as "wined"="device"
rather than it necessarily being the blowy stuff. He quoted the given OED
definition and my statement that DWJ's "winned" was acting as a "wined"=device
- and my pleas that device was metaphorical, not an invocation of industrial

The same goes for the suggested boat another correspondent mentioned: Donne
doesn't explicitly mention anything that might invoke a boat. Though the 
reading does make sense, I'd define the visualised vehicle as a device to 
advance the honest mind. It doesn't matter what the device of advancing the
honest mind is, or whether the "bringing forward" means worldly advancement
for the possessor of an honest mind or merely the promotion of honesty over 

Why would Donne be raising the weather here? 

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