Philosophical Rambling: Escapism

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Jul 18 05:24:01 EDT 2000

Another philosophical question....brought on by Philip's and Paul's replies
to the above post from Britta (?).

I was thinking - gee these lads must have got a bit of ribbing from their
mates in their teens - based on my own experiences of being the teen you
have when you're not having a teen.

Which brought to mind an e-mail I had from a 15 y-o correspondent. She reads
and writes fantasy, and is hanging grimly on at school, feeling like an
alien. She usually just talks books and writing with me she's writing a
novel for someone's birthday) but today she told me about her "problem"
which is, basically, that she doesn't fit in with anyone. She's with them,
but not of them etc.

I told her the needful - that there are heaps of people like her (me for
one) and that many of us get together in e-mail land because we have trouble
finding one another in real life, also that there's nothing wrong with her,
or with her school mates who steer by the flock mentality. That's about all
you can say but after that I did wonder how many of us have that square peg
feeling in our youth and how many of us retain it into maturity. Nicholas
Stuart Gray wrote a good story called "The Stranger" which suggests that
every single person has this feeling, but I wouldn't go that far. And to get
this on topic - surely a lot of DWJ's heroes fit that mould?


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