dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #189

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 01:58:26 EDT 2000

"And our local theatre group decided to do some play about horses
instead. Gah."

Was the play "Equus"? A bit pompous, but with a lot of punch. I can't say I 
like this play but I admire the way it works.

I love "Arcadia" and "The Real Thing" (which I've only read), but I couldn't 
get into "Jumpers" (saw a student production) or "R&G are dead" (saw 2 
productions but not the film. In fact I designed a poster for the student 
production of this, I was very proud of it: it was a collage of Elizabethan 
portraits of very solemn-looking courtiers in rich costumes, that create a 
sort of oppressive mass, and peering out shyly behind them as if hoping to 
get into the group portrait, are Laurel and Hardy, in black and white).

To Britta's question: I don't smoke and don't drink. Cigarettes, when smoked 
by others in my presence, make me nauseous; and half a glass of wine is 
enough to make me sleepy. I've had near-allergic reactions to stronger 
liquors once or twice, such as flushing so hard it looks like I have a very 
painful sunburn. So I think I was predestined to keep away from alcohol. And 
I have an aversion to even trying drugs that I think must also be a 
biological inclination as opposed to socialization: when my wisdom teeth 
were being removed, I was offered some laughing-gas, and the thought of 
breathing the gas and what it would do to me made me more nervous than the 
actual procedure. I also don't like roller-coasters, and I'm so reluctant to 
drive that it's almost a problem. I score extremely low on most 
thrill-seeking scales. But I'll read anything.
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