eye function

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Mon Jul 17 22:26:14 EDT 2000

>Someone whose message I accidentally deleted thought that lens (cornea?)
>would be a better solution.  I wouldn't have thought that was an option at
>Jonathan's age, since eyes are still changing an awful lot at that time.
>be something to do later (age 20 or more), although if everyone wears a
belt all
>the time, why bother?

t'was me, Philip... and I thought it made sense because my sister had
eye-surgery at 8 years old. Before that, she wore heavy glasses, after that,
none.... until she hit 40, anyway. She was/is short-sighted and also had
severe astigmatism, so maybe the operation was simply to correct the latter.
I don't really remember, since I was only 4 at the time. I would have
thought she'd still have needed glasses for the short-sightedness though if
it hadn't been fixed.

Must ask her some time - though she probably doesn't remember either.


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