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Mon Jul 17 15:35:46 EDT 2000

Philip B:
+ > I thought you were going to read _Ancient Light_?
+ I think it is possible to play a game even with a quite different mindset from
+ the culture whence it originated.  You should see how we play mah-jongg in our
+ family!  Bears little or no resemblance to the Chinese game.

I play several variants of mah-jong. Basic fan scoring, intrinsic points and
doubling, limit hands or riichi, &c &c. It's just simple pattern-matching, a 
fancy tiled form of gin rummy. The point about the limitlessly moving piece in
ochmir was that it was meant to represent T'An Suthai-Telestre, and its 
limitations can only be established outside the Game (there's no equivalent to 
the Hexenmeister or the Emperor-in-Exile in this Southland metaphor).  

+ Ancient Light?  My good woman, I have every intention of so doing, but while 
+ the pile of unread books beside my bed still numbers in the thirties, I am 
+ hardly going to start scouring shops for it unless I have more than just a
+ recommendation and an unfinished duology to resolve...

So, shall I be an ungood woman and send you a copy <he he he>.


P.S. I had to be cornered and made to read Michael Marshall Smith's first
     novel, _Only Forward_. It was, of course, fantastic. 
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