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Irina Rempt ira at
Mon Jul 17 13:48:40 EDT 2000

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Britta Koch wrote:

> So,as an afterthought (and forgive my nosy questions ;): do any of you
> smoke? Or regularly take part in alcoholic excesses? Or did you at any
> point in your life, and did you read much?

I own a pipe (several, in fact), but I smoke about as much tobacco in
a year as most smokers, even other pipe-smokers, do in a day; usually
accompanied by a good book and beer or coffee. I can't type and smoke
(need my hands), or talk and smoke (makes the pipe go out), and we
usually forget to watch TV, so reading is the natural thing to do.

I've also smoked the Dutch pipe-weed, and probably will again when I
get the opportunity (I don't like to be *that* much out of control
with kids in the house, and Boudewijn doesn't like it - I mean he
doesn't mind if I do but he doesn't care for it himself, and we'd
rather have a glass of beer or wine together, it doesn't mix). If I
read when under the influence of cannabis, it's strangely twisted,
and I'm very amused by things I wouldn't touch otherwise (like manga,
or Mills and Boon novels), but I don't remember a thing afterwards

I like a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks, but my days of excesses
are long past (i.e. I'm no longer a student but a respectable
middle-aged mother) - and I did read a lot at that time as well, but
never while drinking. In fact, when I'm reading I can have a glass of
<whatever> beside me and never touch it until someone reminds me of

In short, I don't think reading is the same *kind* of escape for me.
I've never craved drugs or comparable substances, and I can go for a
long time without alcohol or even coffee, but I do crave books when
I don't have any.


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