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Tanaqui, quoting me:

>+ But the rules to ochmir?  I've only ever read "Golden Witchbreed", which
>+ contained a brief description in the appendix.
> Enough to understand the game (especially as political allegory), but indeed

Yes, enough to understand what sort of game it was, and various political and
social implications.  But I found that the appendix at the back didn't give
significantly more than there was in the text.  For example, a piece of which I
can't remember the name can only move to an adjacent position; another has "full
mobility" - which could mean you can pick it up and put id down anywhere else on
the board, but didn't appear to from the context.  So I was left with the
feeling that the appendix was somewhat pointless.

> not enough really to build a game set and play. Especially since we don't
> have the Orthean mindset about cheating. I thought you were going to read
> _Ancient Light_?

I think it is possible to play a game even with a quite different mindset from
the culture whence it originated.  You should see how we play mah-jongg in our
family!  Bears little or no resemblance to the Chinese game.

Ancient Light?  My good woman, I have every intention of so doing, but while the
pile of unread books beside my bed still numbers in the thirties, I am hardly
going to start scouring shops for it unless I have more than just a
recommendation and an unfinished duology to resolve...

>+ DWJ, in the blurb on my copy of GW, says that the book makes her feel as if
>+ she's played ochmir - and cheated!
> oooh, which edition?

Signet, 1985.  Paperback with blurbs from a dozen or so authors on the first
couple of pages.  She doesn't get a cover slot for the blurb, alas.

>+ (FWIW, my brother's degree is in maths and he did his final year
>+ dissertation on game theory)
> I know game theorists, too. I'm a peripheral member of the Oxford roleplayers.

Interestingly enough my bro. is also a keen roleplayer, something that's never
appealed to me.  It took me ages to persuade him to read Homeward Bounders,


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