Philosophical Rambling: Escapism

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Mon Jul 17 11:35:07 EDT 2000


Hallie's mail ticked me off on another tangent:

I saw a movie about a middle-aged woman having a midlife-crisis ("die
Unberuehrbare", "The Untouchable", a prize-winning German movie...
great), and she took tablets and drank loads of alcohol and smoked

Aftwerwards, I was musing why she was taking so many drugs. Well, she
was getting old and probably afraid of that, but it made me think why
so many other people are taking drugs. "Why, to escape from reality, so
that they won't have to face their lives", I thought, feeling quite
self-righteous about not doing any drugs, not even alcohol, and so
bravely facing reality. But then it hit me: what is reading but
escaping? Reading, especially fantasy is just another way to escape,
it's just healthier and free of any (bodily) side-effects, and you
really can escape from your own life - even if you have to face other
people's problems. And sometimes you learn from a book, or see
something of yourself in a character, which is more than can be said of
a night's bout of drinking. Drugs also give you an excuse (a legal one)
for doing things you wouldn't do otherwise, which books don't
("Honestly, I thought he was a monster ready to kill me because that
was happening in the book, so I hit him..." - that's not going to work
in court, is it?). 

So,as an afterthought (and forgive my nosy questions ;): do any of you
smoke? Or regularly take part in alcoholic excesses? Or did you at any
point in your life, and did you read much?

Just trying to prove my thesis here, and hope that the current Harry
Potter craze will make a few more kids into book-addicts, which I think
is healthier than any other addiction ;)

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