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>I remember, as a teenager, avoiding all the books aimed at teenagers,
>which were all about teenagers with problems.
>I suppose they were supposed to make you feel you weren't alone, but
>what I felt was that I had enough problems of my own to worry about
>without having to worry about theirs as well. :)

I avoided books for teenagers too. But back when I was one it was all sports 
stories for boys and soppy semi-romances for girls, and who wanted to read 
that stuff? (Problem books burst out about the time I was graduating from 
college. In my teens I went directly to murder mysteries and kept right on 
reading kid's books regardless of what strange looks I got from the 
librarians. (I will admit I also got a bit of friction over checking out 
books from the adult collection untill I got pretty well into my teens.)
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