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Sun Jul 16 17:51:46 EDT 2000


>On the train this afternoon, I read a really good book with a novel
>twist on one of the fantasy mainstays mentioned by the Tough Guide:
>the new Dark Lord whose identity nobody knew turned out to be the
>Puppet King.
>It's suggested that one of the reasons he becomes a Dark Lord is so
>that he can then free his country from the guy holding his strings;
>the guy holding his strings, btw, is not a Dark Lord but merely (?) a
>politician, and the strings are not magical but perfectly serviceable
>everyday political and military might.
>It's a really good book. The author has said he started out by asking
>himself the question "Why would someone become a Dark Lord, anyway?",
>and all the Dark Lords consequently have Motivations, which is
>something you don't often see.

So what _is_ this book?  Sounds fun!

<From an earlier post>

>Recently, a dearth of reading material led me to [...]

You have a dearth of reading material?  I thought the large pile of unread
books was a commonly shared list trait!


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