OT: Podkayne of Mars

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Sun Jul 16 09:28:46 EDT 2000

>I'm curious as to everyone's reaction to the "Podkayne's ending"
>controversy, and to the book in general.  There were compelling arguments
>on both sides of the essays published in the book.

I met the editor's ending first when I read Podkayne as a teen. I can see
why Heinlein was teed off - writers can be touchy about being
second-guessed. However, I don't see the editor ending as all that soft. I
think it still fits the logical-consequence criterion. The kind of ending
I'm not keen on is where the good guys survive without a scratch, and the
bad guy(s) die conveniently of fever  - so taking the onus off the good
guys. Once when I was writing fantasy I had two boys, foster brothers and
best friends, forced into the position of having to fight one another. I
wasn't sure how to resolve the issue, so I asked my (then) 15 y-o son
whether I should fight to first blood (so to speak) or have one kill the
other. I explained all the circumstances, including the effects on the
surviving boy if he killed his friend. James considered, then said ; "Kill
him". So I did. I think he was right. It was logical consequence, and the
killee had pushed himself so far out on a limb there was no climbing back.


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