eye function

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Sat Jul 15 16:36:41 EDT 2000

+ the eyefold and eye function Jonathan and Sam have. 

I agree with the posters who thought that the eye-function was some sort of
refractive field and thus was messed up by the time-suit's similar field.

I believe that sort of fold is called an epicanthus (sometimes redundantly
called an epicanthic fold), which is exactly translated by the term eye-fold.

It is a hallmark of Mongol genetic heritage, and quite common amongst Chinese
and Nipponese folk. I don't know whether Mongols are generally myopic, but
a recent series on the Industrial Revolution (Sunday, Channel Four) which was
careful to advance new and exotic theories, spent some time discussing the
short-sightedness of the Japanese and how it affected their artefacts and 
culture... most Japanese are myopic, apparently. As for the theories about 
industrialisation being linked to the mass-market model inherent in grains 
other than rice, er... I'm considering. 

Rice does need stoop labour, and doesn't lend itself well to mills &c, but
then the industrial applications relating to wheat haven't always been with
us. I bet a machine rice-planter is *possible*.

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