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Irina Rempt ira at rempt.xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 15 01:25:29 EDT 2000

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:

> I'm re-re-re-reading Tale of Time City

I've just finished doing that (and Charmed Life, and I'm now halfway
through The Lives of Christopher Chant).

> and as usual I'm totally fazed about
> the eyefold and eye function Jonathan and Sam have. Does the fold (and the
> Lee name) imply that they have some oriental genes? Vivian thinks they don;t
> look Chinese, so that seems doubtful.

It does say somewhere that the Lees are descended from "a nice young
Chinese man"; so that may be it.

There's a girl in my daughter's class whose mother is half-Chinese
and half-Dutch and her father is (I think) Turkish; she looks kind of
mediterranean, but with a marked eye-fold. *She* could be a Lee!
(Sanne Lee, nice name)

> And what the heck is the eye function?
> I visualise a sort of force-field contact lens.. anyone else know better?

My conception of it is a force-field eye-glass that extends all
around the eye, like an invisible glass cup. When Jonathan puts on
the mind-shield suit, it interferes with it; if it was a contact
lens, it would be well inside the head covering. Of course, it might
be the shielding itself interfering, but I get a distinct impression
that it's a simple case of something physical trying to occupy the
same place. Also, Vivian sees it shimmer in front of his eyes; you
don't usually see contact lenses unless you're looking directly into
someone's eyes.


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