Oops, was feeling got at

Ven ven at vvcrane.junglelink.co.uk
Fri Jul 14 18:41:44 EDT 2000

I'm embarrassed --

> I said
> + Lazy rabble rousing eh? Am I being touchy or do you mean me? 
> and Tanaqui replied

> You're being touchy, Ven. I meant Rowling. Your recent post and perspective 
> bear no resemblance to the backsliding in Rowling. Post-match violence against
> muggles, bah. You and JOdel were both insightful and put your points well. 

I'm so sorry, I've been having a stressful week and I really did read 
it like that............. Its a good thing I didn't send my frist draft or I'd 
really have egg on my face............

> + Sorry if I gave the impression I still think exactly the way I did 
> + twenty years ago, I am, naturally past all that now. 
> <giggle>

Oh god I sound pompous.

I have to say Tanaqui that I was surprised by what I thought I was 
reading because I've found your posts insightful as well. Thanks for 
filling me in on the Naos stones and for giving the best explanation 
of Donne's wind that I've seen -- its puzzled me ever since A level. 
I've been following the Donne posts with interest as he's a favourite 
of mine too.  

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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