Poor Authors

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Jul 14 07:49:02 EDT 2000


[2nd hand _Witch Week_s]
+ Of course DWJ will miss out on a royalty... but if you

As I said when the naughty photocopying happened, you can assuage your
guilt by sending guesstimated royalties to DWJ's agent. That'd be Laura
Cecil, 17 Alwyne Villas, London N1 2HG.

I wouldn't recommend telling her you're photocopying out-of-print books 
(if you are) - agents might feel some sort of obligation to protect the
author's interests quite avidly. It's only to settle consciences for Bodhil
Gram (whose personal eddress always bounced messages) &c. 
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