Feeling got at

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Jul 14 06:37:35 EDT 2000

[racism in Harry Potter, and in traditional school-type books]

+ > for children changed in the 70s - I thought we were past that sort of lazy
+ > rabble-rousing. 

For some reason this remark, which I intended to describe the tone of the
Quidditch World Cup as a careless and rather nasty other-side-is-Bad setpiece, 
was taken to heart by Ven.

+ Lazy rabble rousing eh? Am I being touchy or do you mean me? 

You're being touchy, Ven. I meant Rowling. Your recent post and perspective 
bear no resemblance to the backsliding in Rowling. Post-match violence against
muggles, bah. You and JOdel were both insightful and put your points well. 

+ Sorry if I gave the impression I still think exactly the way I did 
+ twenty years ago, I am, naturally past all that now. 


I don't care for Billy Bunter, either, but I rather like Dr Doolittle.
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