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+ Tanaqui again:

Yes. It's the vacation *and* on Monday I gained free internet access from
home, instead of having to go into a college or faculty machine room... er...
+ I didn't know Mary Gentle was so friendly with DWJ.  

They know each other. Actually, Mary Gentle seems to have done a vanishing
trick of late. But then, so has Diana: and both of them are having trouble
with their necks that precludes much travelling.

I regret deeply that Mary Gentle has never answered a note from me. I arrange
the Oxford SF society's author meetings, and my letters to M. Gentle just
sink into oblivion. Even the one which mentioned the discovery of two more
chunks of the naos of the decans. Maybe they never reach her at all. 

+ Perhaps my theory that they
+ were swapping place names in the Orthe is not so way out after all!

It's possible. I think at the time I said they wouldn't deliberately use the
other person's creations, but that some stuff gets stuck in the mind and grows
as part of your very own ideas.

+ But the rules to ochmir?  I've only ever read "Golden Witchbreed", which
+ contained a brief description in the appendix.  

Enough to understand the game (especially as political allegory), but indeed
not enough really to build a game set and play. Especially since we don't
have the Orthean mindset about cheating. I thought you were going to read
_Ancient Light_? 

+ DWJ, in the blurb on my copy of GW, says that the book makes her feel as if
+ she's played ochmir - and cheated!  

oooh, which edition?

+ Now you tell us that they regularly meet, I'd
+ guess she probably has (played, that is, not cheated).

I have not actually been there for any of these sessions. I know Neil and Diana,
but not M. Gentle. I wish, I wish, I wish, I'd been there when the women fed
Neil the second lot of baked beans whilst he was being his morning self.

Or when Neil postulated the scarier relatives of Archer & co. (the Ones who
Farm Nothing), or when he extrapolated Dalemark (Diana then deliberately steers
away from what Neil has imagined, which might account for why _Crown of
Dalemark_ feels weirdly obliged to dodge some logical developments, to me).

I have no idea if Diana has ever actually played ochmir.

+ (FWIW, my brother's degree is in maths and he did his final year 
+ dissertation on game theory)

I know game theorists, too. I'm a peripheral member of the Oxford roleplayers.
And <nod in Mary Ann's direction> I love Settlers of Catan (is it really spelt
"Cataan" in the US?). I like playing Pokemon, too, although my nephew prefers
the cards and I prefer the GameBoy game.

Tanaqui, placing on rock-sheep-grain and defending the settlement with Donphan
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