Tanaqui tweaver at
Fri Jul 14 06:04:43 EDT 2000

Mary Ann:
+ Tanaqui said
+ > "snobbism"? I'd swear Orwell doesn't use that word.
+ I think he uses the word snob, or some close variant

I think he might even use "snobbishness". I was quibbling with "snobbism".

The Sending of Books is a sacred duty (as _Time of the Ghost_ indirectly
and _Fire and Hemlock directly establish). My sister is delighted that I 
live in a town rich with them and, although you could buy the _Goblet of
Fire_ just about anywhere - up to and including Little Chef eateries - not
all the books I send are Rowlings.

I could certainly never get enough allowance to use on books that the many
public libraries didn't have (though most of the allowance was frugally
employed in ordering books from remote locations once I could use the
microfiche index). 
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