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Thu Jul 13 16:52:57 EDT 2000

Elise asked about my tag line:
> You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
Its from Samuel R  Delany's Fall of the Towers trilogy. Its what a 
poet called Vol Nonik writes on walls after his world has fallen 
apart. I read this book at around fourteen and it had a great impact 
on me and a couple of my friends. So much so that we wrote the 
tag  on the artroom wall above the door -- with the permission of Mr 
Voller our very nice and rather freethinking art teacher. The 
inevitable result was that everyone graffiteed the walls and there 
was trouble. After repainting it was all gone except ours because 
we'd mixed glue with the black paint and put it on very thick 
..............Its this historical association that persuaded me to 
choose it as my first tag line.  

Delany now  regards FOT as juvenilia (he was 21 when the last 
volume was published and starting to anguish 	about not being a 
child prodigy anymore!). However he says he has heard from quite 
a few readers that this was a marvellous and even life changing 
read at 14. I thoroughly agree and would recomend it or any other 
Delany published 1968 or earlier for that agegroup and, of course 
older!  The later books are very much adult reading 
however................ seriously.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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