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Thu Jul 13 15:25:20 EDT 2000

Sally wrote:
Now in the real world, these are logical consequences. In "soft" fantasy
or  "soft" real-world stories you can have safe, happy stories, but in
serious fantasy your characters can't be entirely safe. Not if you're honest with   
your readers.                                                               

This message was particulary interesting to me. Last night I managed to
acquire a copy of a book I loved when I was in elementary school,
_Podkayne of Mars_, by Heinlein.  Now, I may be showing my ignorance of
sci fi here, but I purchased the mass market paperback which includes both
endings--the one Heinlein originally wanted, and the one his publishers
published.  There wer also many essays, some arguing for the originally
published ending and others arguing for Heinlein's choice.  I didn't even
know there *were* two endings, and it seems to me that the published
ending fit right into the category Sally calls "Soft" and the one Heinlein   
wanted as the "serious" ending. I have to confess that I liked the "soft"
version, for emotional if not logical ones.  I like Poddy, even though I
see things in the book now that I didn't see at age 11 (well, I would hope

I'm curious as to everyone's reaction to the "Podkayne's ending"
controversy, and to the book in general.  There were compelling arguments
on both sides of the essays published in the book.

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