Mound Builders

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Hey Mary Ann, have you been to the Cahokia mound(s)?  I'd love a
description, if you care to share!

"Oh, probably because of all the Arthurian/Celtic fantasy around. :D Writers
areoften inspired by the work of others and sometimes by the sales of
others. And Americans tend to have a bit of cultural inferiority-feeling
where the British are concerned, particularly in literary matters."

I wonder about this too.  I really love how arthurian/celtic type fantasy
portrays the landscape as very meaningful, full of history, mystery and
magic.  I've thought how much I'd like to do that for north american
settings, but as the descendent of early 20th century immigrants -- well, I
sort of feel like I would be an interloper, maybe that's off base
but...definitely feel a disconnect between the old world folk riches
presumably available to some relatives unknown to me and gone for decades -
and the new world riches of deep history, mystery and magic in the landscape
that I have to wonder if it's my business or open to me to monkey around
with.  But now that that baby gordian knot is out there, I notice it is just
the sort of problem that could generate material as I attempt to treat with
it in one way or another.

Hey, thanks!

Card did it in some ways, but I felt unfulfilled because he was
investigating some things, and I guess I want to investigate others....

I think it is probably one of the reasons I like Brit fantasy so much to
begin with.  Do you think this cut-off from history feeling might be a
reason for north americans to go for sci-fi?

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