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Tanaqui again:

> Mary Gentle (DWJ, Neil Gaiman, and Mary Gentle are a little plotting circle
> of authors who play with each others' universes when they're together - and
> some of Neil's characteristics make it into Nick of _Deep Secret_, as well as
> DWJ dedicating _Hexwood_ to him and getting a poem in return) works out an
> enormous amount of detail for her worlds. I wish we had more of the Orthean
> background than the simple glossary, a year guide and the rules of ochmir.
> Let me at those notes!

I didn't know Mary Gentle was so friendly with DWJ.  Perhaps my theory that they
were swapping place names in the Orthe is not so way out after all!

But the rules to ochmir?  I've only ever read "Golden Witchbreed", which
contained a brief description in the appendix.  Not enough in my opinion even to
play the game given the equipment, let alone to construct a set from scratch.

DWJ, in the blurb on my copy of GW, says that the book makes her feel as if
she's playd ochmir - and cheated!  Now you tell us that they regularly meet, I'd
guess she probably has (played, that is, not cheated).

In the rules of the game stakes, C J Cherryh comes off very well indeed in
_Serpent's Reach_.  My Sej set is somewhat worn now, and my brother and I are
fairly convinced that the obvious strategy is indeed optimal, but it is still my
favourite gambling game.

(FWIW, my brother's degree is in maths and he did his final year dissertation on
game theory)


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