Racism in Harry Potter IV

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Thu Jul 13 10:42:41 EDT 2000

Mary Ann brought up:
"I have to say, though, that racism of preceisely this type is absolutely in
the British school story tradition. If you haven't yet read George Orwell's
essay on boy's magazines, may I recommend it as fascinating?"

Is that the same one where Orwell reminisces about his own dismal school

"Ah, luscious revolting literature. Nothing  like it, as the White King says
of hay. though it's more apt to bring faintness on than to cure it.

Ham sandwich, anyone?"


On that note, I just received an email about the winner of this year's
Bulwer-Lytton Bad Sentence contest.  Not sure what publication this comes
from so can't properly cite it, but:

Civil servant wins prize for truly awful romance
                           By Toby Harnden in Washington

                           A BRITON has landed a top prize in an
international competition that celebrates "truly awful writing". Kevin
Ruston, 38, a civil servant, was declared the winner of the Romance section
of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for
which contestants were asked to write ghastly opening sentences to imaginary
novels. The entry took him half an hour to compose. He said: "If I was
by a particular person, it was probably the late Dame Barbara Cartland.
There was no monetary prize, said Mr Ruston, simply "the pleasure of knowing
you're one of the world's worst writers"...Mr Ruston, of Barnet, Herts, beat
more than 5,000
contestants to win this year's accolade with the entry: 

"Theirs was a love that transcended time, ran roughshod over moral dogmas,
guffawed in the face
of adversity, rent asunder the shackles of social convention and took a
sledgehammer to the crumbling walls of religious doctrine: a passionate
love, a
tender love, a selfless love: not bad for two gerbils born on opposite sides
of the
glass partition."

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