Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Jul 13 06:03:40 EDT 2000

+ The only advantage I can think of for the Hebrew counting system is for 
+ mystical numerology type uses. 

[Mystics calculate] 

+ numerical value of words and try to equate them with other words to prove 
+ some mystic connection between them - this is called Gemmatria. I can't 
+ think of great examples right now.

The most famous is Qabbala (Kabbalah, and many other variants), and I love
the encapsulation of mad mystical number theory in the film _Pi_.

If anyone in the UK wants a copy, my landlord recently bought a DVD machine,
and the temptation to buy the DVD of _Pi_ so that I can play the scenes in
variant iterative orders is enormous. (scenes end the same way, using the
visual shorthand established for "staring at the sun" - a whiteout and deep
resounding tone)
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