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Thu Jul 13 05:48:41 EDT 2000

+ Gili, what about some professional translating discussion about Hebrew in 
+ DWJ?  After all, Adon in the Dalemark books is an appropriately-used Hebrew 
+ word meaning lord, or maybe master is better?  Gili, help!   Adoni is sir in 
+ Israel, anyway.

oh, gods, how on earth would you translate all those little components in
Dalemark? Tan- is the major dimunutive particle (but you also get -ro &c),
and Adon probably gives rise to Aden as well as meaning Lord. Tan-Aqui or
tanaqui? Cenn-oreth or Cen-Noreth (and note that the note translates Oreth
also as River, not as the-one-who-was-bound). eeple. It must be a nightmare for
translators when authors play with linguistics and obfuscate because they have
set up a novel as a "translation". Or, hang on... given that the bits aren't 
English, do you have to translate them? Surely you could leave them in situ, 
simply translating their English equivalents i.e. not translate "Adon" but 
translate "lord"? Not translate "Oreth" but translate the given equivalents
when they occur. 

After all, Oreth becomes Orethan and Duck's mum is Anoreth from the start.

It doesn't matter whether Adon has Hebrew echoes - or does it? Would one read
it as part of the book, or wonder what the word was doing there? 

And Elthorar Ansdaughter does get to comment on the "foregoing translation".
Layers upon layers!
+ And I haven't read any of the books with magids in them, but magid is Hebrew, 
+ too.  Meaning preacher or thereabouts.  

The magids are not really preachers. They remind me of the also-Hebrew 
tzaddikim: limited numbers (though, due to the multiverse, not fixed at 36),
self-sacrificing but needing to be selected and initiated...
I think some notion of "guide" would be better for the magids. They are there
to ease our way and keep us from harm, gradually releasing the Deep Secrets as
they can and preparing us for Mystery.

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