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Thu Jul 13 05:20:12 EDT 2000

 Gili wrote:
That's probably more than you ever needed to know about counting in
But then again, we are fascinated by this kind of detail when it is
by an author to embellish an invented culture. And we are often not
aware of 
the cultural alternatives that already exist in our own world.

Yes! This is the closest I've ever seen to why I love history/anthropology,
the literature of other societies and our own past, and sf/fantasy- the
details of another world, with similarities and differences that enlighten
my own life. (I always want to know how people cook, too). And the thing
about dwj is how she brings another world into our everyday one, so that
they fit perfectly and both are real (or our world is really more magical
than it seems).
Way OT- there was a fascinating thing on BBC2 last night about one of the
Mississipian mound cities. I'd never heard of these at all, unlike the
Pueblos, and seeing them was incredible- links to both South American things
like very Aztec-looking pottery and designs on shells, and modern N.
American Indian things like cross-in-circle and spiral motifs. 
With all the Arthurian/Celtic fantasy around why doesn't there seem to be
much based on other societies where magic was part of their lives? (Apart
from Sallyo's Australian things of course!)
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