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Wed Jul 12 19:21:53 EDT 2000

Sallyo wrote:
>      Ah, I think I see. We do the same thing, really, counting 1 - 9 and =
>  then having 10 which is 1 and 0. 11 is 1 and 1, 12 is 1 and 2.  So we =
>  could express out numbers like this-
>      one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, one-and-zero, =
>  one-and-one, one-and-two, one-and-three etc... only I suppose that makes =
>  20 "two-and-zero" which doesn't fit Gili's series.
>      Darn.
Well, it's like this--aleph is one, bet is two....yud is 10.  So, the grades 
are aleph, bet , gimmel, daled, he, vav, zayin, het, tet, yud, yud-aleph, 
(I live in Israel, too, but was born, bred and educated in the USofA.)  In 
the fall I have kids starting pre-pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, kita 
(grade) bet, daled, he, and vav.  And a baby who stays home with me ;-)

Gili, what about some professional translating discussion about Hebrew in 
DWJ?  After all, Adon in the Dalemark books is an appropriately-used Hebrew 
word meaning lord, or maybe master is better?  Gili, help!   Adoni is sir in 
Israel, anyway.

And I haven't read any of the books with magids in them, but magid is Hebrew, 
too.  Meaning preacher or thereabouts.  

Glad to have finally brought this up.  Felt so left out when Welsh was under 
discussion.  ;-)
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