thru Potter to DWJ

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jul 12 13:25:11 EDT 2000

Neil Ward:
+ having only read the four Chrestomanci books, which were recently reprinted 
+ in the UK with those hideous covers with the holes in the front.

hooray, someone else hates those holey books. 
What is it with printing books ever bigger and bigger, on coarser and coarser
paper? Are we living in an accelerated age of ephemera?

+ I also admit that I came to DWJ via Harry Potter.  I was so fired up by
+ Rowling's books that I started searching for other children's fantasy
+ literature in the same vein.  

See, incensed fans? Putting labels on shelves of Potter saying "If you like 
these, try DWJ" is not an insult to DWJ, but a chance to recruit <giggle>.

I'd recommend _The Ogre Downstairs_ or _The Time of the Ghost_ as good
books dealing with magic and school. *Don't* buy the edition of the former
with the purple test-tube on the front, because it's been editorially altered
without DWJ's consent. If it comes to it <gulp> I live in the UK, and have a
spare of the good old paperback edition which you may have.

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