Age Differences

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jul 12 13:13:40 EDT 2000

Philip B:
+ Another factoid (I like that word) 

Yah. It's useful shorthand for "accepted, but not necessarily true".
It helps in that whole fact-truth continuum which you discussed.

I'd forgotten the mothering argument, even though I keep teasing my male
sweetie that he should now be looking for a younger woman to replace me 
and that I'd still feed him and sort out his investments. It's not that he's
male per se and needs mothering - he just happens to be ethereal. 

+ BTW, I am 33 - is this right in the middle of the danger zone?  Would you
+ recommend a woman to refuse to have anything to do with me?

Does this mean I should put forward a candidate to reject you? (Can't quite
parse it) Or should I recommend *that* a woman should reject you? I certainly
wouldn't do that. I can't believe you'd wear a ridiculous toupee and mortgage
your house for a Porsche or Ferrari.

And mortaging your house to buy a first edition _Marriage of Heaven and Hell_
is laudable, not ridiculous, OK?

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