Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jul 12 12:28:45 EDT 2000

+ > "Permaximam posco ad legendum solitudinem"
+ "What I crave above all for reading is solitude" (without a
+ dictionary, "posco" may not be correct).

I'm sure that the immersive act of reading shouldn't be in the accusative case.
I think the ablative absolute would be apposite: "reading in solitude": this I
crave above all.  

The accusative usage definitely wouldn't parse as "for reading".
c'mon, cmon, p1 of the primer "puella in horto est" vs. "puer in hortem intrat"
(why a girl is in situ, and a boy breaks in upon her is a matter for the primer
writers - strikes me as a lazy supposition) 
Tanaqui (I have a lovely passage which mentions an Etruscan Tanaqui - though
         Tanaquil(l) was more usual.) 
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